Where People Lose Points!

Specification grading is simple. You meet ALL the specifications and you get a PASS. Miss one specification and you get a FAIL.

Met Deadline:
Check your TIME ZONE in your WordPress settings… does your visual look like it’s posted a day late?
The first week, you will get a re-submit if you did… but you only get one.
The next week you will get a FAIL… because meeting the deadline is one of the specifications.

Word Count:
Did you write 500+ words in your post?

Did you answer the question prompts?
In your post, did you write about what you learned from the experience in terms of visual thinking?
Or did you just describe your visual (telling me what I could already SEE)?

What I cannot see—and cannot know—is what did you learn from this (learning)?
What parts of the theory (facts) we talk about in class or in the readings did you use to create your visual (connect)?