What are the websites we need for this course?

This was a question from a student in a past semester, but I thought it was worth showing again.

Q: I am very confused about everything in the class being online maybe you could provide some clarity to me. Thanks.
A: Here is the way it works:

BRIDGES  is for quizzes and the Mid-Term. Your grades will be posted on BRIDGES so you have a sense of where you are at throughout the semester, HOWEVER, I am using “specifications grading” (see Grading Policy under the Syllabus tab) which is largely PASS/FAIL. PASS/FAIL specifications grading is straight forward and needs little explanation, but I do leave comments which do not need to be revealed for what you did well or left out. GRADES are posted under PostEm in the side menu in Bridges.

COMM 165 COMPANION WEBSITE (this site) — is where the syllabus, assignments and other course information resides.

YOUR PORTFOLIO BLOG — Those of you who have taken COMM 240: Electronic Communication already have a portfolio blog. This is what you will use. Please create a CATEGORY in your blog called COMM 165. The rest of you will set up your own Portfolio Blog in WordPress (the same blog architecture upon which this site is built.) It is easy and — more importantly — reliable. What you put up there I, and your classmates, can see. If you don’t want anyone else to see it… parents, stalkers, etc… just turn off the setting that makes it visible to search engines. To see a list of your classmates’ blogs, check out the blogroll on the right side menu in the Companion Website.

All three of these sites are required.

Your Portfolio Blog is where you post your assignment images. If you are not sure how to do this, come to my office during my office hours and I will guide you through the few simple steps it takes to get it going. After that, it’s not any more difficult than creating an email. Use my Appointment Bookings link. (Click on any white slots labeled Comm165 office hours.) . If you do not see any times that work for you, please email me and I can try to set up slots for virtual office hours.

These look like lots of different information sources for one course…however, I don’t know of ANY application that gives you everything you need. You have Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter, Instagram, Tumbler, Reddit, Google, and on and on… when you get to your professional life, the number of sites and applications you will have to use to get through your day will double — maybe triple. So, this really isn’t so much 🙂