The Sketchbook

Your Sketchbook is a critical part of this course. It is where you get to think on paper before committing to a final draft for your Blog post. In most (but not all) of the assignments, I expect to see an image of your first draft as well as the finished one.

NO SUCCESSFUL DESIGNER, WRITER, ENGINEER, INVENTOR, CREATOR gets it right the first time! The iterative process of first, second and even third drafts in a sketchbook is essential to your understanding and internalizing what you are learning.

DO NOT tear out or crumple up your first attempts at anything in your sketchbook!! Just turn the page and start again. The Sketchbook is a way for me to see how you went about solving the problem. For that, I need to see your “iterations.”

The sketchbook is graded PASS/NO PASS at the end of the semester.

Specifications for the sketchbook are that EACH assignment that requires iterative design have AT LEAST one first draft and one final draft.