Required Texts & Materials

Please make sure you have your texts acquired (purchased or rented) PRIOR to our first class. They are:

YES! You have to get the books!

Ware, C. (2008).
Visual Thinking for Design.
Burlington, MA: Morgan Kaufmann.
McCloud, S. (1994).
Understanding Comics. 
New York: William Morrow.
Krum, R. (2013).
Cool Infographics
New York: Wiley.

Other Required Materials:

  • Large Sketchbook (11×17″ or larger)
  • Colored pencils and/or markers
  • Scissors
  • Wooden rulers with a metal edge
  • and a gluestick
  • A digital camera (the one on your phone will be fine.)

You don’t need to bring all these materials to class… but you do need them all FROM THE VERY BEGINNING.