00 Introduction to Comm165

Nice to meet you all today! Great job with your name sketches- – I will add them to the gallery soon. Remember that there is no class on Monday 9/2, but the first vocabulary quiz will still be due Sunday night by 9/1/19 11:55pm. I’m looking forward to seeing what cool hand-drawn sketches you make for the homework due Thursday night 9/5 @ 11:59pm.

BLOG: Original image post for your WordPress Blog

Please read these instructions and requirements before submitting the assignment form below.

The weekly BlogWork challenge asks you to design and create a visual artifact.  In order to pass these assignments, you must satisfy all the requirements. Omitting any of the requirements will result in a “No Pass.” So please read the assignment instructions and requirements carefully before your start work.

For the first homework assignment, please create an original hand drawn visual and describe your thought process.  Sketch the assignment in your sketchbook. Take at least two pictures of your work. Create a new blog post and add some pictures to the entry. Your blog post must also nclude a  250+ word essay answering the questions below. After you’ve created the blog post, please submit the form below before the deadline, Sept. 5th 11:59PM.  

Instructions for creating your first homework post:

  1. Preliminary step:  Refer to these step-by-step Instructions or this blog post for how to set up your blog.  Grab your sketchbook and some drawing supplies.
  2. Create and upload at least two pictures of an original hand-drawn visual created by you. One image should show the finished work. Additional images should show details, rough drafts, or iterations of the design.  This image can be a doodle or sketch, but it must be hand-drawn. All images should be large size (greater than 1024 x 768 pixels) and oriented correctly.  Make the image clickable: Select the image and choose Link To–> Media in the Image Settings menu on the right.
  3. Write a 250+ word essay about your thought process for creating the image. Here are some prompts you can answer: Why did you choose this topic, what inspired you? Why is the image a particular size, color, shape, order? Discuss the components of the image you’ve created. Does it convey a message? If you showed it to someone, were they able to understand the message?  *Usually the essay will require more than 500 words, but for the first post we’ll take it easy. Click the circled i at the top left of the post to see how many words you’ve written. Go to the topper and select the circled “I” to check your word count.
  4. Publish your post. When you click Publish ( the blue button not he post’s upper right), select Preview. A new tab opens up. Click this tab and check your work– this is what viewers will see. At the top of this tab, copy and paste the website address of the post into the  submission form below.
  5. Submit the form below before 11:59PM on Thursday, Sept. 5,2019.

Requirements for your post:

  • All work must be original. The images you make need to be your own work. Any quotes or references must be properly cited using APA citation style.
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes are minimal. Use a spellchecker If you use Chrome browser, use the Grammarly add-on.  Excessive bad grammar and misspellings will result in a failed grade for the assignment.
  • If you are using your portfolio blog for more than one course,  use the COMM 165 category for all your BlogWork posts.  If your blog is only for this class, the category is optional.
  • Check the Time Zone of your blog. If it is not the right time, set your Time Zone to New York under Settings→General→Timezone. If your post times are off,  your posts may not pass.
  • Make sure Comments are enabled. Under Settings→Discussion, check the option that says “Allow people to post comments on new articles,” This is how you will receive feedback on your BlogWork entry, including whether it is a Pass.
  • Submit the form before the deadline 9/5 @ 11:59pm (see Schedule) or it doesn’t exist for grading purposes. After you click Submit, you should receive an email with a copy of your submission.

First BlogWork Assignment - An original visual creation

  • Please select from this dropbox the section you are in.
  • This is the web address when you click "Visit Site" in the upper left hand corner.

Unit 0: Getting Started

You should have received an email invitation to join as a subscriber on this blog. Please accept the invitation and update your profile. Ensure that your email address is correct to start receiving updates about the class regarding homework and class info.

Here’s what we’re talking about in class on the first day

Explore before class on 9/2… Read for our first class… Due dates …
  • The TED Talk below by Manuel Lima
  • First reading QUIZ #1
    (Sunday 9/1 11:55 PM)
  • Your Blog Set up
    (Thursday 9/5 11:59 PM)

How to create a blog for your homework

To submit homework assignments, please set up a  blog for this class. Note that we will be discussing this in class tomorrow.  If you have trouble setting things up, feel free to come to office hours.

Create a WordPress.com account for your site.  Choose a site name that you can remember easily. Do not get a custom domain name. A free account on WordPress is all that is needed.  Hint: Use your RWU email username and password as your account ID. It will make it simpler to remember your login details for your WordPress site. Note:

  • Confirm your email (check your spam folder) — otherwise you won’t be able to make public posts on your blog.
  • The blog title should contain your name. You can find this under the left sidebar in Settings→Site Title.  Please make it easy to identify your name for grading. Make sure the title is appropriate for class use.
  • If you already have a WordPress.com site for your classes, go through the tutorial to create a COMM 165 category to your existing site. Please use this category for all your homework blog posts. 

Site settings for your homework blog:

  1. Set your timezone. Once your site is set up, you will see a menu of your “dashboard” (on the left). Click Settings Halfway down the General Settings page you will see “Timezone”… It will default to UTC+0 — Greenwich Mean Time. Change this to NEW YORK.  Save your settings.
  2. Enable Comments. Under SettingsDiscussion, check the option that says “Allow people to post comments on new articles,” This is how you will receive feedback on your homework entries.

Need help? Use RWU’s free Lynda.com account to find free tutorials. Just login to Bridges and look for Lynda.com in the left-hand menu. Click Lynda.com and use your Roger Williams username and password.  Once you are logged in, follow this  tutorial link to set up a blog

Need more help? Again, come see me at office hours or by email for an appointment. We’ll go over this in class tomorrow, too.

About WordPress

This companion site is a WordPress blog. Some of you are already familiar and experienced with WordPress. Some of you may have created other kinds of websites or blogs on WIX or SquareSpace. For you folks, the principles are the same even if the dashboards and themes look different. These are all “Content Management Systems” (CMS) and tools.

The rest of you may believe that you never used a CMS system but that’s what Instagram, Twitter and Facebook basically are — although in a very structured way. You don’t get to pick how those sites look 🙂

Regardless of whether you are familiar or not, I suggest you use Lynda.com’s tutorials to understand how a WordPress blog works. These may not reflect the current look and feel, but the principles and the functions are the same.

Things to keep in mind:

  • A BLOG POST is not a PAGE. Pages are for information (like Contact Me, About Me) that doesn’t change much. Blog Posts are different and show up on your Blog home page in reverse chronological order — the most recent at the top.
  • CATEGORIES and TAGS help the viewer (me) find your posts.
  • COMMENTS at the bottom of the posts allow readers to give feedback to create an online discussion regarding the post.  

Being able to create and use content management systems like WordPress is a useful skill — something that you might find yourself doing even after you graduate and begin your professional life.  In the next post look for instructions to set up your own portfolio blog for this class.

Welcome to Bridges!

Just FYI that the course website is online. Registered students can access their section by clicking one of the following links:

This course site where weekly quizzes, grade updates (called PostEms), and evaluations take place.  Currently, there is the class roster and link to the companion website. The corresponding lecture notes, weekly updates, and homework assignments from class will be posted to the companion site.

Registered students should also have received an email to access the class site on Bridges. The email titled “Welcome to Bridges!” announces that “Angela Chang has invited you to join the COMM.165.XX-19/FA Intro to Visual Comm site on Bridges.”  If a student did not receive this email but can see their name on the roster, it means you are enrolled. I’ll see you in class on Thursday!

Introduction: How Art Made the World

Dear Students,

I’m very excited that you’ll be joining us this semester in Comm165. You should have received an invitiation to this blog from WordPress and set up your profile containing your email address. Please ensure that you are receiving emails (go to your Email Spam Folder and mark this as Not Spam if these emails are getting filtered).

To prepare for our first class, please view this video from the BBC series BEFORE CLASS on August 29:
How Art Made the World – The Day Pictures Were Born.

If the above link does not work well, here’s a duplicate link from Youtube .

After viewing the program, answer the questions in the survey below before noon on Thursday 8/29. We’ll be discussing your answers to this form.  Feel free to browse the rest of this site, and bring your questiosn for discussion.   — Sincerely,  Prof. Chang

This form is not accepting entries any more.

What is “This Week!” about?

Every week on Thursday, a post will show up on the home page and here for what is coming up:

  • Things to view or explore that will be referenced in the coming week
  • The readings you need to do for the coming week’s discussions
  • Which quizzes and assignments are due in the coming week.

All the previous This Week! posts will also be here if you need them.

What is “Blog Work!” about?

Each week, the work we have to do for the week (activities, blog assignments, readings) will show up here. If you want to see a specific blog assignment, you can also go to the BLOG Assignment sub-menu link.

All posts and links concerning our WORK will be found under the “Blog Work!” link