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Previous Readings and Course material Ware: 6 Mid-Term by Friday night 10/11

Mid Term Exam is Thursday 10/10!

There’s no Quiz this week. There is a three-part mid-term exam. It is timed and online and you can take it on your computers starting Thursday after class.

Unit 1a: Better learning with mind maps

Because there is no scheduled Monday class, here’s a video to help you think about Perception, Coding, Meaning, and Visual Thinking. The first visual form we encounter is mind maps. We’ll be creating them in our next homework.

Things to remember about Mind Maps we make for this class:

  1. Paper orientation should be landscape. Use unlined paper. Landscape orientation accommodates our horizontal writing convention. 
  2. Central focus word should be at the center.
  3. Only use capital letters. Why? because letter case introduces hierarchy.
    Capitalized (UPPERCASE) letters have an unconscious meaning: This is more important. Then when you use lowercase, you are indicating that those words are not as important In order to keep things clear and without hierarchy — we use ALL CAPS.
  4. Words should sit “on the branch.”
    Because when you put the words at the end of a line, you create a dead end… and take up too much space.
  5. Branches should be flowing curvy, not straight. Connections between lines should be not be right angles.
  6. Use color and embellish with icons. Colors and simple embellishments give your mind additional visual cues to quickly pop out different parts of the diagram. They are like bookmarks to the accompanying branches.

Happy Labor Day weekend!

Unit 1: Perception, Coding, Meaning, Visual Thinking

Explore… Read… Due…
Browse Visualization Affinity Map

Mind Mapping for Discovery – Book Chapter by R. O’Connell (download PDF)

Visual Thinking

Watch: A Visual history of Human Knowledge by Manuel Lima  video (below)

McCloud: Intro, Ch. 1 – 2

Ware: Preface, Ch. 1 – 3

Taking Notes: Is The Pen Still Mightier Than the Keyboard?

Making Learning Visible: Doodling Helps Memories Stick

(Sunday BEFORE CLASS 11:55 PM)

BLOG: Set up
(Monday 11:59 PM)

Unit 0: Getting Started

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Here’s what we’re talking about in class on the first day

Explore before class on 9/2… Read for our first class… Due dates …
  • The TED Talk below by Manuel Lima
  • First reading QUIZ #1
    (Sunday 9/1 11:55 PM)
  • Your Blog Set up
    (Thursday 9/5 11:59 PM)