Thumbnail Sketching resources

Homemade luggage tags and sketches by J. Gouldstone

Q. Can you give us some advice on how to do the homework?

A. What are thumbnail sketches? Thumbnails are glorified doodles. They are just quick captures of ideas on paper. The emphasis is to explore many visual possibilities quickly.

Get started by started by doodling words or shapes on paper. You may try some word association exercises or google image searches related to concepts that interest you. One may try a mind map about concepts relating to your interests. Or, you could simply just start and let your mind control your doodling.

Once you have a bunch of words related to your concepts, convert your concepts into shapes. For example, perhaps I like sports, then maybe draw some ball or equipment shapes. Perhaps I like international travel, and I’ll draw some outlines from famous cities.

Then, combine the shapes with your initials. Play with composition, line variations, perspectives, scale, and other arrangements. Remember, you’re designing a luggage tag. Every luggage tag needs 1) a background shape (outline), and 2) your initials inside. I’m asking for a minimum of 35 thumbnails, but professional designers often make many more.

More references:

Note videos require RWU login through this portal first.

Q. What are some examples of regular divisions of space?

A. MC Escher made it his life’s work to explore regular divisions of the plane.

Here are some images and a video on Gestalt symmetry.

Q. Do you have any more information on Relative Size?

A. Check out this site, with some excellent examples

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