BLOG: Thumbnail sketches for a luggage tag

This week’s homework explores our ability to visualize solutions to a problem.  Often there is not just one solution, but many. This exercise is designed to help us practice generating many solutions quickly.

PROCESS INSTRUCTIONS (time required: approximately 1 hour)

Rhetorical situation
Purpose:  Create thumnail sketches of luggage tags using your initials as possible within a given time. The luggage tag needs to have your initials.
Context:  You want a clearly identifiable label with your initials.
Audience: Someone needs to be able to recognize that the attached item belongs to you from a distance. Use your understanding of line, shapes, and color to grab their attention.

  1. Develop as many different thumbnail sketches as possible to fill up an entire sketchbook page. Each thumbnail sketch should be no larger than 2″ x 2″ (they can be smaller). Aim to fill up the whole sketchbook page. Try to spend no more than 5 minutes drawing each one.
  2. Research different outline shapes for label or luggage tags. Explore different ways you can sketch your initials.
  3. Now put them together. Experiment with different compositions of shapes and initials.
    • Choose a variety of regular shapes for outlines, such as a circle, square, hexagons, for your outline.
    • Sketch your initials inside the outline. Experiment with a variety of outlines, shapes, and colors for your initial
    • Try a variety of sensory forms. Experiment with line thickness, border thickness, lengths, evenness, consistency, contours, and line orientations, directions, continuity, and contours for the elements. Try out different arrangements of the elements, sizing them up or down, patterns, and shadows.
  4. Post pictures of your thumbnail sketches in your BLOG. Include at least one overview picture and one detail picture. Please answer the reflection questions in the submission form below.

Note: Please ensure that your photos are rotated and sized appropriately. Photos must be easy to read. No credit will be given for upside down, blurry, or small photos.

Fill out this checklist AFTER you have completed your assignment and posted it in your Portfolio Blog before the deadline, Thursday, Sept. 26 @ 11:59pm.

Thumbnails for a luggage tag BlogWork Submission

  • Please create at least 36 original thumbnail sketches containing your name-- enough to fill up the whole page. Take at least 2 original photos. One photo should be an overview showing the different thumbnails. Another photo should show details that you feel are extremely good or interesting.